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How to Grow Your Business with Social Media - 45 Minute ONLINE Course

How to Grow Your Business with Social Media - 45 Minute ONLINE Course

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This 45-minute digital course explores how to grow your small business using social media. This is a prerecorded PowerPoint lecture with a voice-over. Everything in this video came from personal experience and extensive research over the past 2 years. I have organically grown my Instagram and Tik Tok and have gained over 100K followers on both platforms. I am here to disclose HOW I created my social media presence without spending a dime on advertising! I take a deep dive into the logistics and key aspects of how to gain followers which ultimately convert into future customers. 

Some topics we discuss in this course are:

-Inside scoop on how the algorithm work

-How to get views

-What social media you should use

-A look into Reels, Tik Toks and Youtube Shorts

-Key features of different social media platforms 

-How to film/edit videos and pictures

-How to create a cohesive Instagram feed

-How to get views on your videos

-What time of day to post

Along with the online course, you will also be provided with:

-3 free templates (a follower tracker, and 2 social media planners)

-A notes sheet to follow along with the course 

-An additional resource page with links to supplemental videos and links to photography equipment mentioned in the course video 

Please note that sharing this course or templates with anyone else is STRICTLY prohibited. You may NOT resell the course or the templates under any circumstance.      

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