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How to Start a T-Shirt Business in Under $300 - Guide

How to Start a T-Shirt Business in Under $300 - Guide

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This online guide is a 14 page ebook that covers the bare necessities of what you will need to start a t-shirt business in under $300! The course is intended for beginners only! If you are dreaming of starting a t-shirt business, but find yourself lost, overwhelmed and not knowing where to start, this course is for you! We will talk about what you will need to make, print and ship a t-shirt. Please note, this course includes ONLY the basics you will need to start. For a better understanding of what this course offers, please see below the list of topics we will discuss! Additionally, there is a discount code specifically for you for 40% off your first order of screen print transfers from my website!

Please note: This course is based on my experiences and insights. Although the course content is universal, the specific companies highlighted throughout the course are predominantly American. This may limit the courses relevance and applicability for individuals in other countries. 

Some topics we discuss in this course are:

-What do you need to buy when starting out (the bare necessities)

- Where to buy blanks, how many blanks to buy, what brand/styles are cheap but good quality

-Affordable heat presses 

-Where to order transfers (premade & custom) 

-What shipping supplies you will need/where to order it

-What platform to sell on

-A full-price breakdown

Please note that sharing this guide with anyone else is STRICTLY prohibited. You may NOT resell the any part of the guide under any circumstance.   

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Wendy Madrigal
Start up guide

thank you for taking the time to create this guide! It was easy to understand and to the point!