The Story Behind the T-Shirt Ruler

The Story Behind the T-Shirt Ruler

As most of you know, my small business was founded on selling apparel like crewnecks and t-shirts. While coming up with additional ways to expand my business, I fell in love with creating products that can help other small businesses. I branched out into creating screen print transfers and even enlisted the help of my dad to create custom high-quality t-shirt rulers just for you guys! Here is the story behind one of my best-selling products…

The Before:

I started my t-shirt business in 2020 amidst the COVID pandemic. In the beginning, I was using just a basic ruler to line up the designs on my shirt. I would guestimate to the best of my ability where the center of the shirt was, place my ruler there and measure down 4-6 inches (depending on the type of shirt and size) and place my design. 

One of my videos went viral, and I had hundreds of shirts to make. Lining up all the designs was so time-consuming and I even wasted some shirts because the design was too off-centered or crooked. My dad who was a former engineer and now a business owner for Custom Brew Gear created the perfect fix! He saw what was taking up time in my making process and made me the first prototype of the beloved t-shirt ruler.

This was the first ruler my dad made. It was made from the same acrylic material but instead of the measurements being printed, they were laser engraved.

Even from the beginning, I have loved sharing the behind-the-scenes clips of running my small business. This included lots of videos of me making t-shirts. In those videos, I would show how I created t-shirts from start to finish. To my surprise, the videos I was posting were not gaining traction because people were loving my product, I mean that was some of it, but the majority of interactions and comments were people wondering where I got my t-shirt ruler from. At the time, it didn't even cross my mind to collaborate with my dad to sell these on my site.

The After:

Eventually, the comments about the rulers started rolling in more frequently. My dad actually reached out to me and asked if he should make a few and we could try selling them. In 2022 we did a mini soft launch of about 20 rulers and they literally sold out in minutes!

These t-shirt rulers are such high quality, and that is why the draw is so intense! I have never personally ordered t-shirt rulers from Amazon, but according to everyone I have talked to, they are very flimsy and warp under the heat press. The ruler my dad created is made with a thick acrylic material that is extremely durable and has never once melted! I have had my original ruler for two years, going on three. As I said above, the quality is unbeatable!

The new rulers that are available on my site!

After our soft launch, I saw how many people were bummed about not being able to grab one so we opened up the option for presale. Once presale opened, rulers were again sold out in less than 24 hours! I just recently opened the site for another presale and the same thing, rulers sold out that day! These rulers take some time to make, and my dad is also actively running his business as well so unfortunately, we aren’t able to create a ton at a time.

Now that we have a grasp on the demand, we will be releasing the rulers in batches of hundreds. Once those sell out, we will release another batch, and so on. In addition to the adult rulers, we also just released fifty youth rulers. These will be restocking along with the adult ones! Restock dates will be announced on my social media, so follow @shopmegannco for more information!

Thank you guys for always supporting my small business and I promise we will keep releasing these so you all have a chance to grab one! Not only are you supporting my small business, but you are also supporting my dad. This means the world to us and I am so happy we are able to collaborate and create a product that you guys love!

*side note: My dad has been receiving some emails about ordering rulers directly through him. This is not an option, so please refrain from reaching out to him. All t-shirt ruler orders will be managed through my site! Thank you.   

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